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"Coaches update. Dawson has continued to apply the training techniques you taught him at camp and it pays off. Today he broke the 14U 100 free state record with a 46.37 previously held by Caleb Dressel (J.O.) and Alex Forbes set in 2002. Thanks again for everything."

“It was very helpful. It helped me with my strokes, turns, and starts. The outdoor games were a lot of fun! I liked that we had the opportunity to have a harder practice early in the morning.”

“Everything in this camp showed and taught me more about team work and attitude. I’ve learned to not feel sorry for myself and to push myself the extra mile. I wish this camp lasted longer than a week.”

“What I loved about this camp was that I improved 3x or more in my swimming. I've only been swimming for 6-months and this camp has been the single most constructive experience so far. I obtained a new favorite stroke, improved my worse strokes, and learned things I didn't know before arriving such as open turns and spinal alignment. Thank you for holding this camp to help swimmers improve. You've done a fantastic job."

"I liked that the coaches taught us and helped us a lot and guided us if we were doing something wrong. The games were a lot of fun. Coach Skinner did a great job of helping us understand the skills. The motivational talks with coach Pursley were very thoughtful and helpful. This camp has made me a better swimmer."

"Team activities, dorms, pool sessions, food, coachers and councillors, games (really fun), definitely should do camp again."

"I really enjoyed the pool sessions and the motivational presentations. I feel like I learned a lot of new things that will help me with my swimming mentally and physically. I believe that I have learned many things to help me improve my technique. Also, I believe I learned a lot about confidence and being tough."

"I miss camp and everyone that was a part of it already!  I just wanted to let you know that I had a home meet yesterday (SCY).  I went around my best times in everything and won 4/5 of my races which won me high point!  I went a 1:06 in my 100 BR and a 54.05 in my 100 FR.  I know it had a lot to do with the camp and I wanted to say thank you!  I hope to drop more and see y'all soon!  Tell everyone else I said thank you too, please!"

“I liked everything. It was fun and I learned lots.”

“It is awesome, the coaches are nice. The filming helped me a lot. Thanks to everyone."

“It was super informational and helpful.”

“I really enjoyed the camp. Everyone was so nice and helped out a lot. I wish I could spend another week with everyone I’ve learned a lot that will hopefully help me out. Thank you."

“I really enjoyed the practice, games, motivational speeches and everything else.”

“Before our sessions I really enjoyed the technique sessions. They helped me learn the techniques and gave me a visual and idea about what we needed to do. During the sessions I enjoyed actually doing the techniques and learning things that I haven’t before. I loved all the coaches helping and giving advice. I appreciate the coaches for not giving up on me & everyone else even when we struggled.”

“The pool sessions were really helpful to me. I saw a lot of differences to my strokes. I loved all the games we did. All the coaches were really nice. I really like the way the coaches told you that you can do this in my worst moments.”

“Everything else was great and very very very very fun.”

"Hey Coach Jonty, it's Elijah Wheeler. I just wanted to tell you I had a meet Saturday and dropped over 2 seconds in the 50 fly & 50 free. I made it to finals for the boys 11 & 12 50 freestyle LCM. I came first by a body length and I qualified for Junior Olympics & FLAGS which is our states. I watched the video you made me & I'm going to work really hard to improve every day. Thank you for teaching me new things. I can't wait to come back next year and learn more!"